Become a UNIQ Coach!

Make people happy.

As a UNIQ coach you empower people to live their dreams, every day.

Work as a UNIQ coach is as flexible as your needs. You can coach from home, whenever and however much you like. You accompany your clients to their goal via chat.

Working as a UNIQ coach is more than just a job. You support people to realize their dreams. That's very inspiring.

Within a short training period we teach you the UNIQ method, which will enable you to resolve self-limiting beliefs during a personal phone call.

UNIQ is currently in beta. This means that clients can use our program free of charge. Your training as a coach is also completely free. In return coaches do not receive monetary compensation in this phase. As soon as we switch to a paid model, you can earn attractive hourly wages as a UNIQ coach.

Andrea, 48

It suprises me every time how efficiently yet simply the UNIQ method gets the job done, no matter what the topic. It works even with people who have already done a lot of coaching. It’s very rewarding when you crack a mental barrier and coachees are suddenly able to achieve things they would never have dreamed of.

Leon, 22

Wow. It’s amazing to lead a coaching session with the UNIQ method. At first, I was quite sceptical, but the test coaching sessions and the supervision were excellent preparation for my first “real” call. That took place yesterday and went really well. I am ready for more!

Uli, 38

It’s always been my passion to help people achieve their goals. With the UNIQ app I can support my coachees 24/7 every step of the way. I am delighted every time how well that works, and so are my coachees!


  • You are empathetic.
  • You can listen without judging.
  • You quickly grasp a conversation's context.
  • You have a room in which you can have undisturbed phone conversations.
  • You own a smartphone or a tablet with internet connectivity.

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