Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of goals can I achieve with UNIQ?

Our method can be used for any kind of goal, as long as it’s measurable and realistic. By realistic we mean that the goal is achievable in practice. You can tackle goals both big (e.g. “In 5 years I will have successfully sold my business.”) and small (“In 8 weeks I will have lost 8 pounds.”). If you want to go for a big goal we help you derive a meaningful intermediate goal and achieve that in 13 weeks.

What methods is UNIQ based on?

UNIQ leverages both well established methods and the latest findings from cognitive and positive psychology. Amongst others, we are using the principles underlying the A-B-C model by Albert Ellis to resolve so-called self-limiting beliefs during the 1-on-1 coaching session.

What kind of goals do people typically choose?

Most people choose goals from one of the following three areas: Career (a change in your job situation), romance (find a partner, live a fullfilled relationship) and vitality (feel healthier, achieve a better fitness level). However, you can also achieve goals in any other area of life, for example personal education, friendship, hobbies etc.

Why does the program last 13 weeks?

90 days / 13 weeks / a quarter of a year - that’s the perfect time period to implement the first steps of sustainable change in your life. Among other things this has to do with the fact that humans need an average of 66 days to form a new habit. In contrast to pure “habit formation” apps, the UNIQ offer is more encompassing: We provide you with a personal chat coach who will help you stay the course, especially in phases where it gets difficult.

What is a "self-limiting belief"?

A self-limiting belief is a mental attitude or conviction, which exists in your brain but you may be unaware of. It narrows your perception and your willingness to change aspects of your life. Examples of self-limiting beliefs would be “Being in a relationship means sacrificing all my free time.”, “I can either earn a lot of money or live a fulfilled life.” etc. Each and everyone of us has self-limiting beliefs and mostly they don’t disturb us. However, when there is a self-limiting belief between you and your goal, it will be very hard or even impossible for you to achieve that goal. In this case it’s a good idea to talk to a trained expert to transform the self-limiting belief into a new, empowering belief. That is exactly what your UNIQ coach helps you achieve during your 1-on-1 session.

Are self-limiting beliefs bad?

No. They are perfectly normal and every human being has them. They are formed from our experiences and observations of everyday life and human interaction. Self-limiting beliefs usually won’t disturb you. However, sometimes they stand between you and your goal. With UNIQ you can change that.

What if I don't have a self-limiting belief?

The 1-on-1 coaching session helps you find a motivating and inspiring belief for your goal. If you have a self-limiting belief that stands between you and your goal, you will find and resolve it with the help of your coach. Should you not have a self-limiting belief, that’s all the better! In that case you can use the session to define the mindset that you find most inspiring and that will motivate you best to work towards your goal.

What do the online sessions look like?

In our online sessions you can learn various things about yourself, your goals and beliefs. You can visualize the life you really want and develop your action plan to make it a reality. We guide with simple questions and additional video and audio content. From time to time we’ll give “homework” to implement what you’ve learned in your daily life.

Do I need to know my goal beforehand?

No. With UNIQ you can achieve a goal you have chosen before or find a new goal to achieve. We inspire you to think big. All you need is the courage and willingness to change your life.

How can I achieve a "big goal" in 13 weeks?

Of course you won’t be running a marathon in 13 weeks if you’re not exercising at all today. The UNIQ program helps you derive and achieve a meaningful intermediate goal, that is achievable in 13 weeks. This could e.g. to have successfully completed the 10K city run.

Can I use the program anonymously?

Yes, absolutely. The only thing we need is a first name and an email address through which we can contact you. We don’t care whether these are your real-life contact details. You complete the sessions online, have your 1-on-1 coaching session on the phone and are accompanied to your goal via our chat app. All of this happens whenever and wherever you want. Our coaches handle all information with absolute confidentiality.

Do I have to attend a seminar or meet with a coach?

No. In contrast to other coaching offers, you never need to physically show up anywhere with UNIQ. All modules are online and the interaction with your dedicated coach happens via phone and chat, whenever and wherever you want.

How much does UNIQ cost?

UNIQ is currently in beta. This means that we are optimizing our training program with early users. In return you can currently use our entire program free of charge. This includes online modules to identify your life goals, a 1-on-1 coaching session on the phone, the development of your action plan and 12 weeks of chat support from your personal UNIQ coach. As soon as we introduce paid plans we will announce the pricing on our main page.

When should I not use UNIQ?

UNIQ is not for you if you have a psychic disorder. We are not a substitute for therapy or professional counseling. In this case please resort to local counseling or call your country’s emergency number in these cases. We also won’t be able to help you if have a goal, but are unwilling to change your life to get there. And last but not least we won’t support any kind of goal that is unethical or willfully harms others.

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