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What our users are saying

Melanie, 56

I split up from husband four years ago and have been single ever since, going through an acrimonious divorce. My goal is to be in a happy relationship again. I tried various coaching programs before. It was so liberating when my UNIQ coach cracked what’s been holding me back. Through the exercises I realized what I actually want in a relationship and the action plan got me back in the dating game. That was daunting at first after so many years of marriage but the encouragement from my UNIQ coach via chat got me excited. And now I just fell in love!

Jörg, 48

I have been quite down in the last few years, mentally and physically. I did various therapies but I just didn’t get better. When a friend recommended UNIQ to me I was initially quite sceptical, but now I am really excited! These days I am really stable and I am pursuing the plan we put together, which feels great. When I lose faith I can reach out to my coach any time. I don’t think I would have come this far without UNIQ. I love this project!

Elli, 34

I’ve frequently been frustrated and unhappy in my jobs to date. I read lots of books in search of my dream job but struggled to put this into action. With my UNIQ coach I created a tangible action plan to become an independent business consultant. This works really well and I am achieving the various milestones much faster than planned. I have been accepted for an exclusive consulting degree and have found top mentors. I am really excited!

Eckart, 78

I have everything I could have wished for - a great family, wealth and health. Still, I kept wondering what else was possible. For years I have been trying to learn Russian but never made any meaningful progress. My goal now is to guide my family through the Moscow subway this spring. With this vision and a detailed action plan learning Russian has suddenly become easy and even fun: I am learning many new words every day, am attending a Russian course and am reading the Russian news online. Thank you, UNIQ!

How it works

1. Determine where you stand.

Find out how satisfied you are with each area of your life.

2. Discover where you want to go.

Visualize the life that you really want. If you can see it, you can live it.

3. Release your handbrake.

Find out what's been keeping you from achieving your goal during a 1-on-1 phone call with your personal coach.

4. Devise a plan.

Develop an action plan with specific steps to achieve your goal.

5. And Action!

Put your plan into action. We'll be there to accompany you on this 12-week path via chat.

Next Goal

Successfully achieved your first goal? Then tackle the next one right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of goals can I achieve with UNIQ?

Our method can be used for any kind of goal, as long as it’s measurable and realistic. By realistic we mean that the goal is achievable in practice. You can tackle goals both big (e.g. “In 5 years I will have successfully sold my business.”) and small (“In 8 weeks I will have lost 8 pounds.”). If you want to go for a big goal we help you derive a meaningful intermediate goal and achieve that in 13 weeks.

What methods is UNIQ based on?

UNIQ leverages both well established methods and the latest findings from cognitive and positive psychology. Amongst others, we are using the principles underlying the A-B-C model by Albert Ellis to resolve so-called self-limiting beliefs during the 1-on-1 coaching session.

Good to know

We know all the excuses.

Congrats - the best path to your goal has already been discovered, including all the excuses. UNIQ uses the latest research results in cognitive psychology so that you can get straight to your goal. No detours.

Your couch, not ours

The only couch you'll be lying on is your own - if you fancy. There is no need to show up for a session, ever. Use UNIQ wherever and whenever you want - in the supermarket or the bathtub. All you need is your smartphone.

No incense

As much as we like dancing around the Bodhi Tree - UNIQ is for measurable goals. Your personal action plan contains specific milestones. UNIQ is there to help you stay on track, so you can really make those goals a reality.

What happens in Vegas...

We handle all information with absolute confidentiality. We don't care whether you call yourself Suzanne or Richard. You can even sign up as Norberto. The only thing we care about is that you achieve your goal.

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